Department of the Study of Religion

  • of the largest research environments in the world in this field


The Department of the Study of Religion is concerned with religion in its comprehensive sense. The studies cover all major world religions and other religions and phenomena essential to the history of religion, past and present. This is reflected in the academic staff's research competences, which not only include a broad spectrum of empirical skills but also a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches from fields including history, philology, history of literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and phenomenology of religion. The separate degree programmes within Arabic and Islamic Studies have Islam and the Arab world's languages, culture and society as their speciality.


Research environment

The Department of the Study of Religion at Aarhus University is one of the largest research environments in the world in this field, including strong research competences in Norse religion, contemporary religion, Islamic studies, cognition and experimental studies. The environment is interdisciplinary in its organisation and working methods, and the programme's researchers are involved in a wide range of research projects with colleagues from other fields, such as biblical studies and church history within theology, the humanities in general, the social science and the natural science.


Degree programmes

The Studies of Religion Programme offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the Study of Religion and a supplementary subject in Religion, Politics and Society in collaboration with political science. In addition a number of elective subjects are offered.

Academic staff

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Ahlin, Lars !!Lektor emeritus +4551945108 1453, 523
Albinus, Lars Associate professor +4587162454 1451, 524
Badr, Farida Aly Abbas Teaching Associate Professor +4587162465 1453, 324
Borup, Jørn Associate professor, head of department +4587162457 1453, 528
Christensen, Henrik Reintoft Associate professor +4587162492 1453, 525
Elsayed, Ibrahim Shawky Eltouhamy Teaching Assistant Professor +4587162534 1453, 326
Fibiger, Marianne Qvortrup Associate professor +4587162436 1453, 529
Fibiger, Thomas Brandt Research Assistant +4530287099
Geertz, Armin W. Professor Emeritus 1453, 523
Jensen, Hans Jørgen Lundager Professor +4587162445 1453, 531
Jensen, Jeppe Sinding !!emeritus lektor 1453, 523
Kühle, Lene Professor with Special Responsibilities +4587162425 1453, 533
Larsen, Malik Christian Reimer
Mortensen, Mette Bjerregaard Research Assistant +4587162491 1451, 526
Nielsen, Marie Vejrup Associate professor +4587162506 1453, 518
Petersen, Anders Klostergaard Professor with Special Responsibilities +4587162431 1451, 531
Riexinger, Martin Thomas Associate professor +4587162421 1453, 520
Schjødt, Jens Peter Professor +4587162489 1451, 523
Schjødt, Uffe Associate professor +4587162439 1453, 522
Schleicher, Marianne Associate professor +4587162419 1453, 526
Sedgwick, Mark Professor +4587162657 1451, 522
Sørensen, Jesper Associate professor, research programme director +4587162441 1451, 527

PhD students

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Aae, Bjarke PhD Student +4560387153 1451, 533
Agersnap, Anne PhD Student +4529802875
Bønding, Sophie PhD Student +4587162491 1451, 526
Hansen, Jacob Hartvig Sandager PhD Student
Larsen, Tina Langholm PhD Student +4550732167
Mortensen, Mette Bjerregaard Research Assistant +4587162491 1451, 526
Møller, Anne Buch PhD Student +4587162903 1453, 516
Nygaard, Simon PhD Student +4561264715
Williams, Lars Hedegaard PhD Student


2019.01.17 | Religionsvidenskab

Sanne Andersen Hansen - Ny ph.d. ved afdeling for Religionsvidenskab

Sanne starter som ph.d. ved instituttet d. 1. februar og skal arbejde med projektet: Levet religion til udstilling i fortids-, nutids- og fremtidsperspektiver – som en aktiv del af kulturhistoriske museer

Moesgård, where the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies are based (photo: Moesgård Foto).

2018.03.07 | Awards, Antropologi, Arkæologi, Religionsvidenskab, Teologi

Three subject areas ranked among the top 50 in the world

Three of the subject areas taught at the School of Culture and Society have been included in the top 50 on the latest QS ranking list.


Wed 03 Apr
13:00-15:00 | Moesgård, The lecture Hall (4206, 139)
(Mis)trust, (un)certainty and intention: how can one trust an inscrutable God?
Academic hour with Matthew Carey