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Activities in FOCUS

April 2019

P.h.D seminar: "Food Culture and the Human Terroir"

The 8th of april, FOCUS, in collaboration with professor Amy Trubek and professor Nefissa Naguib, held a P.h.D seminar with the theme: “Food Culture and the Human Terroir: Producing, cooking, presenting and eating food as cultural activities” 

The seminar explored the food system as it develops through the collective engagement of people with local knowledge, and the papers included represented different parts of the food system and discussions on how local knowledge and food practices can be seen as a place and context specific engagement (perhaps a kind of ‘human terroir’) shaping the conditions for local food systems. 

A special thanks to our two guests (titel) Amy Trubek  and (titel) Nefissa Naguib for contributing to the seminar, and the P.h.D students that joined us on this day. 

If you are more interested, please contact our head of center Susanne Højlund for more information. 

December 2018

Fremtid, Måltid, Nutid (Future, Meal, Present)

Institute of Meals and FOCUS invites some dedicated scientist, chefs and people to an experimental day at Sostrup Slot. 

Our wish is that this day will create inspiration, foundation and interdisciplinary cooperations, with the goal of developing a Biennale for Meals, which will be held in june 2019.

Latest News & Upcoming Activities


The meal(time) is a time where people meet. It is a time that we share. A continuously changing space. 

In connection with European Culture-region's culture festival "Genopdag" in June 2019, Institute of Meal hosts the first ever biennale of meals. The Biennale in 2019 is centered around the topics "Time" and "Meal".

Måltidets_biennale19 is curated by Jakob Vinkler from Institute of Meals and FOCUS, together with Europæisk Gastronomi Region, are close collaborators in this proces. 

Click the elaborated description above in the activities section, to read more about the biennale. 


In April, FOCUS co-hosted a workshop on fermentation, in collaboration with Institute of Meals in the beautiful surroundings at Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri. 

At the workshop 20 passionate fermentation- and taste enthusiasts met to be inspired by the two international scientists: Professor Amy Trubek (Department of Nutrition and Food Science at University of Vermont) and Professor Nefissa Naguib (Oslo University) and by each other.

Click the link on the more elaborated description of the event bove here, to read more about this beautiful exciting day!


FOCUS & ProvenanceDK is proud to present this one day seminar with key speakers: Amy Trubek, Professor, Nutrition and Food Sciences and Faculty Director, Food Systems Graduate Program at Vermont University and Nefissa Naguib, Professor at Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo. The date and time is 11th of April from 13.00-16.30. Afterwards we are having a small wine reception where everyone is welcome to join! Click the link for full programme and info on how to sign up - it's free! 


Heather Paxon is the keynote speaker at this exciting half-day symposium on (and with) food, food studies, STS and anthropology. The date and time is January 23rd from 12-5.30 pm. Click the link for full programme and info on how to sign up - it's free! 


FOCUS is currently working together with Jordens Folk (ethnographic journal) to publish articles about MEAT, as a follow up on our MEAT & CULTURE seminar from september 2018. The articles will be published in the Jordens Folk journal in fall 2019. Stay tuned!