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2020.06.03 | History and achaeology, Public/media

Udgravning af Roms uberørte historie

Rubina Raja er uddannet klassisk arkæolog fra University of Oxford og er i dag ansat som professor ved Aarhus Universitet. Med en bevilling på 10 millioner kroner fra Aarhus Universitets Forskningsfond har hun, sammen med et internationalt forskerteam, fået mulighed for at fuldføre et arkæologisk drømmeprojekt – udgravningen af Cæsars Forum.

2020.05.13 | History and achaeology

Review of: R. Raja & S. M. Sindbæk (eds), Urban Network Evolutions. Towards a High-Definition Archaeology (Aarhus: Aarhus Universty Press)

Review in Bryn Mawr Classical Review by Matthew Selheimer (University of Leicester).

Fig. 1. The birthday of Rome celebrated annually with historical re-enactments at the Circus Maximus in Rome (credit: Andrea Ranalli / Southcreek Global).

2020.05.06 | History and achaeology, Research

The Memory of Early Rome

Is the power of memory underestimated in archaeological readings of the past? On the occasion of Rome’s 2,773rd birthday, PhD Student Nikoline Sauer considers cultural and collective memory and its impact on the archaeological studies of early Rome.

2020.03.27 | History and achaeology

The virtual PhD Pre-defence of Nikoline Sauer

By PhD Student Nikoline Sauer.

Fig. 1. Presentation, 'An archaeologist talks: all roads lead to Rome', for the third-graders at Viborg Private Realskole. Photo: Line Egelund.
Fig. 2. Line tells about archaeology, networks and Rome. Photo: Marian Bech Pedersen, teacher at VPR. 
Fig. 3. Engaged and intently listening third-graders from VPR. Photo: Marian Bech Pedersen, teacher at VPR.

2020.03.05 | History and achaeology

An Archaeologist talks – all roads lead to Rome: a visit in third grade

PhD Student Line Egelund visited third-graders at Viborg Private Realskole, introducing them to archaeology and its importance for understanding the past and present world. Her own PhD project and the Caesar’s Forum Project took centre stage in her presentation.


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