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The research group “Gender in Transition” brings together scholars working ethnographically in different social and cultural contexts with the aim of rethinking 'gender', 'kinship' and ideas of change. We are placed at the Department of Anthropology.

We think of "gender in transition" in at least four different ways:

Recent discussions and a renewed focus on gender and feminist methodologies in our discipline and beyond open new questions – the concept of gender in anthropology is in transition. We ask: How can our ethnographies contribute to this ongoing rethinking of the concept of gender?

Gender, sex and sexualities as historical formations are in constant transition. How do these concepts as socio-cultural constructs emerge and change over time? What are the processes behind observed developments?

We live in a time where gender roles are in rapid transformation across the world. In very different ways, gender is contested at personal, communal, national and global levels as personal, political, and economic projects. These contestations are situated and give very different perspectives on ideas of change and hopes of the future – what can these diverse perspectives teach us about the relations between bodies and identities in transformation?

Experiences of gender in transformation matter to our research; the subjective, bodily experiences of gendered lives of those we work with as well as ourselves as researchers.

Lastly, this list of interests is far from final. We meet to discuss research and readings and open new questions together. We plan on inviting guests and organizing workshops around relevant themes in the near future.

The group is anchored by Emilie Lund Mortensen, Nanna Schneidermann and Line Dalsgård.

If you want to join, please sign up to our email list by e-mailing Emilie at elm@cas.au.dk