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About MIAU

Centre for migration and integration research at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University

Issues of migration and mobility have for decades been on the public and political agenda, informed international relations and global connections, and resulted in enforced borders and extended transnational communities across the world. Political instability and war, environmental catastrophes, expanding religious congregations, family networks, tourism and pilgrimage, aspirations for a prosperous life or career opportunities in other parts of the world continue to make people move and migrate. While the focus on global migration and mobility seems to have intensified with, among others, the so called ’refugee crisis’ in Europe and President Trump’s pledge to erect a wall on the border between US and Mexico, most population movements do take place within the boundaries of single nation-states. 

The researchers in MIAU – Centre for Migration and Integration research, AU come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds at Faculty of Arts. Applying different methodologies and theories and covering a multitude of thematic interests, they are all engaged in projects focusing on aspects of migration and mobility in a globalized world. The research addresses both the timely demand for increased understanding of contemporary population movements and settlement processes, but also more fundamental questions pertaining to the significance of mobility and transitions in human existence as well as structural inequalities and various forms of immobility.

MIAU – Centre for Migration and Integration research, AU provides a platform and infrastructure for researchers at Faculty of Arts to enhance the dialogue on migration and mobility, across disciplines, departments and research groups. The homepage not only makes the researchers working with aspects of migration and mobility visible and approachable to each other, but also to audiences and partners beyond Aarhus University. The centre will enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange and be used to announce lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, publications and new research projects.

We welcome new affiliated researchers from Aarhus University, just send an email and introduce yourself (e-mail: mikkel.rytter@cas.au.dk)


For more information about MIAU, help to find the right AU migration expert for your newspapers article or help to locate potential partners at Aarhus University for different projects and assignments, please contact the MIAU co-directors, Karen Valentin (kava@edu.au.dk) or Mikkel Rytter (mikkel.rytter@cas.au.dk).