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Centre for Food Culture Studies

What is FOCUS?

FOCUS - Centre for Food Culture Studies is an international and interdisciplinary research network that has its origins at the Anthropology Department of the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. Our goal is to stimulate a broad field of research on food and culture, drawing on anthropology, sociology, philosophy, media studies, literature, history, and other disciplines from the humanities and social sciences.

What do we do?
We organize seminars, workshops, doctoral courses, and other activities with the goal of creating a vibrant research milieu that transcends disciplinary and scientific community boundaries. In this way, we also engage with the surrounding community, for example by collaborating with museums, food and film festivals, food companies, and culinary entrepreneurs.

How do we stay in touch?
For each semester, we create a curriculum of bi-weekly online meetings, in which members present their work, share their thoughts and/or stimulate an open discussion.

Who can participate?
We invite all those interested in, studying or working on topics related to Food and Culture to become a member of the FOCUS network, to follow our activities and/or actively shape new ones. We exlicitly welcome all levels of expertise from within and outside academia.

What is next?
We are currently deliberating on the future direction and vision of FOCUS, particularly with regard to the goals of the Green Transition. The manifold global challenges in dealing with and adapting to the changing conditions caused by climate change, among other things, have a significant impact on today's and tomorrow's food cultures across the globe. We therefore want to bundle our interdisciplinary, international research expertise with a stronger focus on the topic of food and sustainability and also strengthen the transdisciplinary and public discussion.