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History and Classical Studies 


The academic study of history is concerned with the development of humankind and society over time. Special emphasis is placed on social, economic, ideological, political and cultural conditions in the past, the relations between these factors and the changes they have undergone. The approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on theories and methodologies from the social sciences, the sciences of culture, and from the discipline itself.

Research environment

The researchers and PhD students in History at Aarhus University concern themselves with history in many forms, primarily political history, cultural history and social history. Research especially comprises the history of Denmark and Europe, from antiquity to the present day. Research projects are usually limited to specific historical periods and geographical regions, but characteristically the work traverses conventional chronological and geographical boundaries. Researchers participate in a variety of national and international research environments.

Degree programmes

Both Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in History are offered. The Bachelor’s degree programme includes survey courses in Danish and World History, historical methodology, the uses of history, and courses in various historical topics. The Master's degree programme is offered as three different tracks: a track for those aiming at upper-secondary school teaching, a cultural history track, and a track comprising global and international history. In addition, a number of elective subjects are offered at both Bachelor’s and Master's degree levels.

Academic staff

At History

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Andersen, Kasper H.Research, 421
Appel, CharlotteAssociate, 418
Arnorsdottir, AgnesAssociate, 425
Brimnes, NielsAssociate, 526
Bysted, AnePart-time, 424
Farbøl, RosannaResearch, 615
Gram-Skjoldager, KarenAssociate, 528
Hilson,, 430
Ikonomou,, 415
Jakobsen, Michael NobelResearch, 416
Jensen, Helle StrandgaardAssistant, 523
Jensen, Mette FriskDirector of, 420
Jørgensen, Claus MøllerAssociate, 522
Kahlert,, 415
Kansteiner, WulfProfessor with Special, 521
Koefoed, Nina JavetteAssociate, 520
Krasilnikoff, JensAssociate, 423
Larsen, Pelle OliverResearch, 426
Magnusdottir, RosaAssociate, 426
Netterstrøm, Jeppe BüchertAssociate, 422
Nygaard, BertelAssociate, 524
Olesen, Niels WiumAssociate, 518
Olesen, Thorsten, 530
Poulsen, Bjø, 4. sal, 424
Rasmussen, Carsten PorskrogHonorary
Sørensen, AnneProject, 525
Thelle, MikkelAssociate, 428
Østergaard, UffeHonorary

At Classical Studies

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Barfod, GryAssistant
Bargfeldt,, 325
Birch, ThomasAssistant, 226
Blömer, MichaelAssistant, 330
Brandt, Luise ØrstedAssistant
Christensen, MaltePart-time, 321
Collar, AnnaAssistant, 318
Funder, Lærke Maria, 315
Haan, Annet, 330
Hass, Trine ArlundAssociate, 321
Hastrup, Helene BlinkenbergPart-time, 330
Hinge, GeorgeAssociate, 322
Horster, CamillaAssistant, 325
Højte, Jakob MunkAssociate, 115
Krag, SigneAssistant, 318
Kristensen, Troels MyrupAssociate, 320
Kristiansen, Søren MunchAssociate, 213
Mortensen, EvaResearch, 318
Möller, HeikeAssistant, 323
Møller Christensen, DortheTeaching Assistant, 328
Nørskov, VinnieAssociate, 115
Olsen, JesperAssociate, 328
Poulsen, BirteAssociate, 324
Poulsen, Bjø, 4. sal, 424
Raja,, 326
Rosenberg, Erin JoyceMember of Academic
Sindbæk, Søren MichaelProfessor with Special, 228
Sulas, FedericaAssistant, 226
Terkelsen, PeterPart-time
Thorstensen, Jens Christian H.Assistant

At (in Danish)

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Andersen, Kasper H.Research, 421
Jakobsen, Michael NobelResearch, 416
Jensen, Mette FriskDirector of, 420
Sørensen, AnneProject, 525


2016.11.02 | Historie og Klassiske Studier

Julia Steding - New PhD at the Department of History and Classical Studies

Julia Steding will start as a PhD-student on the Palmyra Portrait Project in November 2016.

Associate professor Nina Javette Koefoed

2016.10.06 | Grant, Historie og Klassiske Studier, Teologi

How has the Reformation influenced Danish society?

Under the leadership of associate professor Nina Koefoed, a three-year project at Aarhus University aims to find out how the Reformation has influenced Danish society. The project has received a grant of DKK 5 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research.


Wed 05 Apr
13:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, Nobelparken, Building 1325, room 242
What is not "digital history"?
Speakers: Professor Jane Winters, University of London, Lara Putnam, University of Pittsburgh and Torsten Kahlert, Aarhus University
Wed 05 Apr
14:15-16:00 | Aarhus University, Nobelparken, Building 1461, meetingroom 516
New Philology and the Classics: Accountng for variation in the textual translation of Greek lyric and elegiac poetry
Speaker; André Lardinois, Radbound Universiteit, Nijmegen
Mon 24 Apr
10:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, The Student House, Room 1, Bldg. 1421, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4
Movements of People and Ideas in the First Millennium
Joint seminar for the three research programmes Classical Antiquity and its Heritage; History – Power, Representation and Political Culture and Theology – Formation, Reformation and Transformation