2016.02.05 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Kirstine Haase

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.02.05 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Kristine Thomsen

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.02.03 | Antropologi, Contemporary Ethnography

New grant received for the research project: Returning Happiness to the People

Assistant Professor Daena Funahashi has received an AUFF Starting Grant to study health and politics in military-ruled Thailand.

2016.02.03 | Historie og Klassiske Studier, Debate

Årets historiske bog 2015

Stem på en kandidat til prisen for Årets historiske bog 2015 5-bindsværket om Dansk Skolehistorie fra AU er en af fem nominerede titler

2016.01.22 | Antropologi, Contemporary Ethnography

New grant received for the research project RISEZAsia

Associate Professor Michael Eilenberg has received an AUFF Starting Grant to study development projects in the border zones of Asia.

2016.01.20 | Grant, Antropologi, Contemporary Ethnography

Huge grant to cross-disciplinary research in digressions

Aarhus University Research Foundation has awarded a huge grant to a cross-disciplinary research project that explores ‘digressions’ as a key aspect of the human imagination. The project will contribute with new insights about the human imagination by focusing on the importance of paradoxes in different domains of social life.

2016.01.05 | Globale Studier

Derek Pardue - Newly appointed Associate Professor at CAS

As of January 1, 2016, Derek Pardue has accepted a position as Associate Professor in Brazilian Studies.

2015.12.18 | Arkæologi

Felix Riede receives grant for International Network

Towards an experimental understanding of human cognitive evolution

2015.12.09 | Historie og Klassiske Studier

Danish and German researchers unfold secrets of the past

Spectacular find from Jerash published in Nature.

2015.11.23 | Antropologi

Public lecture by Michael Eilenberg at the University of Zurich

In December, Michael Eilenberg, Associate Professor at AU, will visit the University of Zurich to give a lecture about the political economy of resource frontiers and political borders in Southeast Asia.

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