2016.05.12 | Antropologi

Nils Bubandt appointed Professor

Nils Bubandt has been appointed Professor in Anthropology at Aarhus University

Søren Sindbæk

2016.05.12 | Grant, Arkæologi

Major archaeological excavation in Ribe

The Carlsberg Foundation has granted DKK 15,5 million to an archaeological excavation project, lead by Søren Sindbæk, aimed at protecting the cultural heritage of the City of Ribe.

Johanna Seibt

2016.05.12 | Grant, Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Millions granted to research into human interaction with robots

Johanna Seibt has received a DKK 15 million Semper Ardens grant from the Carlsberg Foundation to develop a responsible social robot technology.

2016.04.26 | Grant, Research

Play as a field for research

Creativity, engagement and lifelong learning are three key focal points for PLAYTrack, a new research project at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University in Denmark. The project is funded by the LEGO Foundation, which is supporting this collaborative venture with a sum amounting to DKK 12 million. Over the coming five-year period, the…

2016.04.19 | Antropologi

Sofie Maj Thomsen - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Sofie Maj Thomsen will be working on the project: "Crafting new encounters between places, hosts and guests" which is part of a larger interdisciplinary explorative study of tourism practices at the West coast of Denmark.

2016.04.18 | Teologi

Eve-Marie Becker has accepted guest professorship at Emory University

Eve-Marie Becker has received and accepted an invitation for a distinguished guest professorship in New Testament studies at Emory University in Atlanta, USA.

2016.04.10 | Knowledge exchange

Meet Bruno Latour

One of the most influential contemporary french thinkers Bruno Latour is 2 June headliner in The Futures Lecture Series anchored at the School of Culture and Society.

2016.03.30 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Ema Bauzyte

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.03.22 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Neeke Hammers

UrbNet PhD student

Excavation near Alken Enge in 2014. Photo by: Anders Trærup, AU Foto

2016.03.23 | Research, Arkæologi

Archaeology at the top of the International QS Ranking

Aarhus University receives international recognition in the 2016 QS World University Rankings by Subject. The School of Culture and Society is represented in the list by Archaeology ranked as number 40 and History and Anthropology both in the top 100.

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