2015.08.25 | Research, Religionsvidenskab

CAS Keynote speaker at world congress

Senior lecturer Jeppe Sinding Jensen from the Study of Religion is keynote speaker at the quinquennial world congress in the History of Religions in Erfurt - as first Danish scholar

2015.08.23 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Money and Life: Histories about Markets and Morals

Mikkel Thorup, Jakob Bek-Thomsen, Christian Olaf Christiansen and Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen, who have all been engaged in a research project on the the history of economic ideas, publish the book "Pengene og Livet: historier om marked og moral" (Money and Life: histories of Markets and Morality).

Christian Vium
The Wake #01. Christian Vium. 2014.
The Wake #08. Christian Vium. 2014.

2015.08.07 | Antropologi, Awards

Anthropologist winner of the Tokyo International Photography Competition

Anthropologist Christian Vium’s photographic research project ’The Wake’ has been chosen as winner of the Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Photography Competition and Grant Winner in Lensculture Emerging Talents.

The Wake #01. Christian Vium. 2014.
The Wake #08. Christian Vium. 2014.
The Wake #16. Christian Vium. 2014.

2015.06.24 | Antropologi

Anthropologist chosen for FOAM Talents 2015

Anthropologist Christian Vium’s project has been chosen among more than 1200 projects from 67 countries as one of 21 FOAM Talents 2015.

Bagga Bjerge
Nina Holm Vohnsen

2015.06.24 | Antropologi

Bagga Bjerge and Nina Holm Vohnsen have received a grant for an interdisciplinary research network

Bagga Bjerge, Assistant Professor at AU, and Nina Holm Vohnsen, Assistant Professor at the department of Anthropology at AU, have received a grant from "Det Frie Forskningsråd" to do research into public sector reforms as part of an interdisciplinary research network.

2015.06.24 | Det moderne Europa

Stor forskningsbevilling til lektor Karen Gram-Skjoldager

Der er tale om en såkaldt Sapere Aude bevilling under Det Frie forskningsråd med titlen "The Invention of International Bureaucracy. The League of Nations and the Creation of International Public Administration, c. 1920-1960". Projektet har i alt modtaget en bevilling på 6.785.734 kr., der bl.a. inkluderer to Postdocs og en ph.d.-studerende samt…

2015.06.24 | Antropologi

Substantial grant received for research on materiality and value in the practice of ethnographic collection

Cameron Warner has received a grant from "Det Frie Forskningsråd" at about 6,5 million to do research in how ethnographic objects are ascribed value and meaning across time and space. The application was made in collaboration with Ton Otto and Ulrik Høj Johnsen among others. Ulrik Høj Johnsen has received funds for a PhD project.

2015.05.07 | Kristendom og teologi i kultur og samfund, Teologi

God is back!

Svend Andersen has written the book ”God” in Aarhus University Press’ Reflections series.

Teresa Caldeira (University of California, Berkeley)

2015.04.10 | Antropologi

"Brazil - the land of the future?"

During the days 12-14 March Contemporary Ethnography housed an international conference: "Brazil - the land of the future?". The conference was very successful and well-visited.

2015.03.28 | Religionsvidenskab, Historie og Klassiske Studier

Successful Student Symposium on the Viking and Middle Ages

The Eighth Annual Student Symposium drew more than 100 participants from all over the world, including 24 speakers from 11 different European universities. This year’s Symposium was expanded to a two-day event, and featured many interesting papers and discussions.

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