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Heather Swanson

07.11.2017 | Arkæologi

Centre for Environmental Humanities receives International Network Programme grant

Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education supports the Aarhus-Cape Town Environmental Humanities Partnership with 272.197 DKK. These funds will strengthen collaborations between researchers in the Global North and Global South and support the next generations of environmental humanities scholars.

01.11.2017 | CAS, Arkæologi, Materials, Culture and Heritage, Globale Studier, Historie og Klassiske Studier

Introduction of Sine Grove Saxkjær

Postdoc in the excavation project "Caesar's Forum in Rome" project

29.09.2017 | Arkæologi, Materials, Culture and Heritage

Borum Eshøj Revisited

New collaborative article by Lise Frost, Mette Løvschal, Marianne Rasmussen Lindegaard & Mads Kähler Holst in Danish Journal of Archaeology.

28.09.2017 | Arkæologi

Florian Sauer - New postdoc at the Department of Archeaology and Heritage Management

Florian Sauer joins CAS from 1 October where he will be working on the project: "Apocalypse Then? The Laacher See volcanic eruption, Deep Environmental History and Europe’s Geo-cultural Heritage”.

12.09.2017 | Arkæologi

Mahir Hrnjic- New PhD student at UrbNet.

His research is titled "Silver provenance of early south Scandinavian coins, Perm’/Glazov and Duesminde rings".

12.09.2017 | Arkæologi

Pernille Trant- New PhD student at UrbNet

Pernille Trant joins UrbNet with the project Northern Emporium.

12.09.2017 | Arkæologi

New PhD student at UrbNet

Nora Petersen is new PhD student with the project: Excavation of Caesar's Forum in Rome.

06.09.2017 | Arkæologi

Anastasia Brozou - new Phd at the Department of Archeaology and Heritage Management

Anastasia Brozou joins CAS with the projcet: ¨Leprosy in Medieval Denmark: an enigmatic disease under investigation¨.

30.08.2017 | Arkæologi

David Harvey - New Associate Professor at the Department of Archeaology and Heritage Studies

As of July 1st, we are happy to welcome David Harvey as a member of staff at CAS, Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies.

22.08.2017 | Arkæologi

Luisa Radohs - New PhD at the department for Archeaology and Heritage Studies

As of 1 September Luisa is enrolled at CAS as PhD with the project: "The formation of power structures in medieval towns – an investigation of urban nobility and the rise of civic elites in the southern Baltic Sea area (12th-14th centuries)”

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