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Migrant Safety in Agriculture

Anthropological research on safety practice and development of application-oriented safety communication

Moesgård's Anthropological Analysis Unit (MANTRA) at Aarhus University collaborates with SEGES Innovation P/S to study the safety practices of owner-farmers, Danish and international workers on Danish farms.

The purpose of the project is to create new knowledge about safety practices and risk management in Danish agriculture across national and international employees, managers and external actors in Danish agriculture, including:

  1. How we can reduce the number of accidents among migrants in Danish agriculture by examining challenges and opportunities to create a common safety communication across the nationalities of agricultural employees.
  2. How common security communication can be used to handle optimisation of migrants' specific security challenges.

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The Danish Working Environment Research Fund has granted a total of 3.2 million DKK to the project.

Presentation of safety calendar (with Danish subtitles)

Presentation of safety calendar (with English subtitles)



The Danish Working Environment Research Fund DKK 3.2 million

Project start

1. November 2021

Project manager

Johanne Korsdal Sørensen

External Relations Manager School of Culture and Society - Department of Anthropology

Research PI og post.doc

Astrid Stampe Lovelady

Research assistant

Sofie Kønig Wilms