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Scent environments in Aarhus nursing homes

The creation of good scent environments 

The project is a co-financed research project between MANTRA, Aarhus University and the Magistrate for Health and Care, Aarhus Municipality. It is part of Aarhus Municipality’s revitalization effort. The purpose of the project is to create pleasant and sensory-stimulating scent environments for residents, employees and relatives in Aarhus nursing homes.

The study consists first and foremost of a literature study and a field study of six nursing homes in Aarhus Municipality. Based on the study, practice recommendations have been developed regarding the improvement of scent environments in nursing homes. Based on these experiences, MANTRA and Aarhus Municipality have jointly developed a screening tool that will contribute to screening the scent environment in nursing homes in Aarhus Municipality with the aim of uncovering the nursing home’s concrete challenges and current needs that arise regarding the scent environment.

Read more about the project here.


Read the scent environment study report here: An anthropological examination of scent environments at six nursing homes in Aarhus Municipality.

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Research Assistant

Sofie Kønig Wilms, Research Assistant, Anthropologist