2016.08.11 | Antropologi, Arkæologi

AU Autumn Lecture 2016

Paige West, Prof. of Anthropology, Barnard College and Columbia University, will give a keynote within the theme of Environmental Humanities at this year's autumn lecture at Moesgaard, 2 September from 13-16. Click to see poster.

2016.08.04 | Historie og Klassiske Studier

Helle Strandgaard Jensen - New Assistant Professor at the Department of History and Classical Studies

Helle Strandgaard Jensen is employed at CAS as of 1 September 2016

Laurel Joy Lied

2016.08.03 | Teologi

New PhD Fellow at the Department of Theology

Laurel Joy Lied is a new PhD fellow at the School of Culture and Society with a project entitled “Origen reception in Danish and German Pietistic devotional literature: Examining the roots of the theological anthropology and spirituality present within 18th Century Danish Hymnody”

Michael Raubach

2016.08.03 | Teologi

New Fellow for the ITN 'Human Freedom and Human Dignity' Project

Michael Raubach is a PhD Fellow in the Department of Theology advised by Anders Christian Jacobsen. His project is using Social Network Analysis to explore the reception and change in the notion of ‘freedom’ during the mid 20th century.

Renze Klamer

2016.08.03 | Teologi

New PhD Fellow studying freedom and dignity in the workplace

As one of the 14 projects tracing the influence of Origen’s conception of Human Freedom and Dignity on Western society, Renze Klamer will study how employees in organizations experience, express, and increase autonomy and dignity in the workplace.

2016.07.11 | Globale Studier

Jeremy Morris - New Associate Professor in Eastern European Studies

As of 1 August 2016 we welcome Jeremy Morris as a member of staff at the Department of Global Studies

2016.06.10 | Antropologi

New Assistant Professor at DoA

From 1 June 2016 Noa Vaisman is new Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology at Moesgaard.

2016.05.31 | Arkæologi

Bønder var selv skyld i naturkatastrofe

Første artikel fra udgravning i Torup

2016.05.26 | Arkæologi

Uddannelsesgravning ved Boes Skov

Boes Skov: Formningen af et jernalderlandskab

Marcello Mannino in the Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) laboratory of the Department of Human Evolution at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig (Germany).

2016.05.13 | Research, Arkæologi

The last Ice Age shaped the early genetic history of modern humans in Europe

Marcello A. Mannino from Aarhus University is the co-author of a Nature article about the genetic history of Ice Age Europe, showing that migrations were recurring events in the human history of the continent.

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