2016.03.03 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Ema Bauzyte

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.03.03 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Luise Ørsted Brandt

New Assistant professor at UrbNet

2016.02.25 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Olav Elias Gundersen

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.02.17 | Research

The feeling of being observed increases prosocial behaviour

A new interdisciplinary study with the participation of Dimitris Xygalatas, Panos Mitkidis, and John McGraw, researchers at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University, shows that exposure to a three-dimensional human figure increases prosocial behaviour.

2016.02.10 | Research

Religion may help societies to expand

An international team of researchers including Dimitris Xygalatas, who is an associate professor at the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University, have studied the way in which religious beliefs influence cooperation and the formation of societies. They found that people’s view of their gods has a direct impact on the way they behave towards…

Untitled (“Drogba"). Boh Dida. Nouakchott 2011 (Photo: Christian Vium). 
Contact Sheet # 4 (Appropriated archive material from AMI, Nouakchott. Mauritania). 
Christian Vium

2016.02.10 | Antropologi, Awards, Contemporary Ethnography

Anthropologist Receives International Photo Award

Postdoctoral research fellow Christian Vium receives the photo award “Prix HSBC 2016” in Paris, France for his long-term work on urbanization in Mauritania.

2016.02.08 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Hanna Dahlström

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.02.06 | Teologi

New PhD fellow at the Department of Theology

Sigurvin Lárus Jónsson is a new PhD fellow at the Department of Theology with a project entitled “James in Light of Mimesis and Intertextuality”

2016.02.05 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Kirstine Haase

New UrbNet PhD student

2016.02.05 | Arkæologi

Introduction of Kristine Thomsen

New UrbNet PhD student

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