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Event: Need More Power? Get access to supercomputing via DeiC

Come learn about the supercomputing options available to you!

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Torsdag 8. april 2021,  kl. 14:00 - 15:00


Zoom link will be sent to registered participants

This event will help you navigate the routes of supercomputing access in Denmark. Supercomputing is an umbrella term covering everything from Type 1 (small-scale cloud computing) to EURO HPC (massive scale, distributed computing). You don’t have to have any prior knowledge about supercomputing to benefit from the event. 

The introduction to the Danish e-infrastructure for supercomputing will be structured as a conversation between CEDHAR directors, Adéla Sobotkova & Helle Strandgaard Jensen, and Kristoffer Nielbo from the Center for Humanities Computing. We will also be joined by Samuele Soraggi from Chemistry at AU, who has experience with Type 2 HPC and EURO HPC. 

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