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Hacky Hour Start-up Event

Got a digital itch you need scratched? Need help with computational assignment? Join us to get a second pair of eyes on your problem :)

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Tirsdag 12. september 2023,  kl. 11:05 - 13:00


Nobelparken Library : behind glass wall

This is the start-up event for Hacky Hours offered by CEDHAR and the Department of History and Classical Studies to students and colleagues. Join us as we work on our digital tasks in a friendly and collegial environment of the Nobelparken library, solving problems, fighting with our computers, and learning to code.  Learning digital methods can be frustrating and misery likes company. Therefore, if you are working on a computational assignment and would like some company or need a consult, you are most welcome. We are a group of novices, junior and senior digital humanists and welcome anyone with shared interest.