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The journey to employment

Female refugees and immigrants’ perspective on employment

The project is a co-financed research project between MANTRA, Aarhus University and the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. The purpose of the project is to focus on the experiences of female refugees and immigrants with the Danish labour market. There is a focus on which life circumstances and motivational factors have or have had an impact on women’s entry into the labour market. The project thus uncovers the interrelations between life conditions and motivation for work. Life conditions are e.g. education, work experience, ’meetings’ with employment efforts, everyday life, state of health, family structures, temporary stay vs. permanent stay and settlement patterns.

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Project Manager

Research Assistant, Ph.d.- student

Abir Mohamad Ismail, Research Assistant, Anthropologist

Research Assistant

Liane Krogh Bæk, Research Assistant, Anthropologist

Research Assistant

Pernille Bertram-Larsen, Research Assistant, Anthropologist