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This research unit promotes and coordinates research in the work of Søren Kierkegaard – its interpretation, context, and interdisciplinary reception – at Aarhus University. The unit is primarily concerned with Kierkegaard's existential thinking, including its

  • sources (e.g., in German idealism and biblical texts)
  • influence (e.g., on phenomenology, dialectical and hermeneutical theology, deconstruction)
  • inspiration for contemporary ethical, psychological, and societal issues (e.g., issues regarding gender and equality, orientation in life crises, the pandemic, and climate change).

The research unit will contribute to

  • theoies of modernity (with a specific focus on the discussion of secularism and post-secularism)
  • metaphysics (with a specific focus on contemporary attempts at reviving metaphysical issues at the intersection between idealism and realism)
  • cultural critique and social ontology (in socio-diagnostical and -pathological perspectives).

The research unit is anchored in an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas and the Department of Theology at Aarhus University. The research unit has an international profile with strong connections to leading research centers and networks in the field (read more).