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Reusing public space in Late Antique and Early Medieval Rome: Caesar’s Forum

11 feb
Fredag 11. februar 2022, kl. 17:00

Webinar by PhD Student Line Egelund in Late Antiquity at the Ancient Architecture Discussion Group, OCLA.

Approaching a New Understanding of Archaic Rome: Archaeological Material and Archaeological Science

6 dec
Mandag 6. december 2021, kl. 13:00 Online (Zoom), Later European Prehistory Group, Cambridge University.

Online lecture by Research Assistant Nikoline Sauer.

Caesar's Forum in Late Antiquity

28 okt
Torsdag 28. oktober 2021, kl. 17:00 Virtual

Presentation by PhD student Line Egelund at Late Roman Seminar, OCLA, Oxford University.

Mellem myter og material kultur: Rom i den arkaiske periode

16 apr
Fredag 16. april 2021, kl. 04:14 Virtual. The Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen.

Virtual lecture by PhD Student Nikoline Sauer.

PhD pre-defence: Line Egelund

11 mar
Torsdag 11. marts 2021, kl. 10:00 Virtual - NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC

Project: Urban Development in Rome – Space through Time.