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Action Research

MIGSOSU applies anthropological action research. The project examines partly the experiences of people with a migrant background with the SOSU education and municipal elderly care and partly the efforts of local SOSU schools and municipalities to attract and retain more people with a migrant background in the SOSU profession. Through ethnographic fieldwork- participant observation and qualitative interviews- our researchers will examine challenges and successes, which will form the background for the development of e.g., a learning app and a best practice catalogue.

Focus areas

  • Identification and recruitment: further development and qualification of existing initiatives and practices at SOSU schools and in municipalities.
  • Inclusion and retention: improvement of learning and inclusion/diversity management at SOSU schools and in municipalities based on co-created knowledge of needs during learning, communication and collaboration in work situations.


  • MIGSOSU’s organization, which is based on close cooperation between SOSU schools, municipalities, anthropologists/researchers, software developers and interest organizations ensures that the project’s results benefit all participants. At the same time, it creates a feedback loop between analysis, testing and implementation.
  • Observations and results are discussed across organizations and lead to an ongoing exchange of experiences throughout the project.


  • Scientific publications
  • The website facilitates early and continuous insight into the project’s results and is also a platform for dialogue between SOSU schools and municipalities across the country.
  • The best practice catalogue addresses SOSU schools, municipalities, labour market partners and interest organizations. The catalogue conveys examples of well-functioning practices in municipalities and at SOSU schools as well as recommendations for attracting and retaining SOSU students/employees with a migrant background through supportive and inclusive educational and work environments.