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Researchers in the Department collaborate with scholars from a wide range of disciplines such as philosophy, science of religion, biology, and medicine.  We collaborate with partner within and beyond Aarhus University including Moesgaard Museum, Oslo University, UCLA, and UC Santa Cruz as well as with international NGOs in for instance Indonesia, Uganda, Nepal, Indien, Danmark, and Grønland.

We also team up with civil society groups such as paitent organizations, victim-perpetrator reconciliation groups, migrant workers and local religious communities, and we undertake research locally in collaboration with the munincipaltiy of Aarhus and the region of Midtjylland on issues such as architecural renewal and rural revitalization.


At the Moesgaard Unit for Anthropological Analysis (MANTRA), researchers and students from the department analyze and help solve concrete social and cultural challenges experienced by private companies as well as public institutions.

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MANTRA is a university-based analysis unit attached to Aarhus University, collaborating with private and public organisations providing tailored anthropological analyses.

Moesgaard Collaboration

Moesgaard Collaboration is the unique collaboration between the departments of archaeology and anthropology at Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum. 

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Moesgaard Collaboration

Anders Emil Rasmussen

Honorary associate professor