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Welcome to our English-language MA programmes in Anthropology and Human Security. Our courses equip you with the essential methodological and analytical tools to analyse anthropological and human security issues and provide you with in-depth knowledge of both classical and contemporary theoretical approaches. Through our programmes you gain competencies to investigate and deal with complex global problems and constructively address current societal challenges.

Graduates from our department hold key positions in diverse sectors, both within the private and public domains. They utilise their acquired skills to map complex connections, conduct independent analyses, and act as project managers in a diverse set of contexts. For more information and examples of our students' achievements, please see here.

Explore our programmes:

MA in Anthropology (visual and multimodal track)

Our English-language track in visual anthropology allows you to deepen your understanding of anthropology by learning how to work anthropologically within a visual framework. You will develop advanced multimodal research and analytical skills while exploring your own specialised areas of interest. You read more about the MA programme in Anthropology and the visual anthropology tract here.

MA in Human Security

The Master’s degree programme in Human Security is based on the UN’s Human Security approach and focuses on conflict and environmental issues. Embark on an international journey with our MA in Human Security, where you'll explore pressing global challenges in an interdisciplinary approach that combines anthropology, political science and biology. In Human Security you will learn how to analyse conflicts and contribute to creating a more secure and sustainable world. You can find more information about the programme here.

Photos by Kathrine Svejstrup