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The Department of Anthropology is home to more than fifty full-time researchers organized within the Anthropology Research Programme and headed by programme director, Marie Louise Tørring.  

Researchers in the Department study the fundamental condtions of being human amid the urgent crises of our time – combining indepth fieldwork with online and multimodal methods to understand, rethink and meet the challenges of contemporary moments as they are experienced and perceived by people across the world. The department's researchers study, among other things:

  • the international shipping industry
  • human security in Africa
  • the biodiversity crisis
  • mindfulness
  • the increasing populism and the turn towards authoritarian politicians in the world
  • morality, ethics and care in the welfare society
  • the roles of religions in the twenty-first century
  • the importance of social media and the increasing mediation of our world in sound and images.

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