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Writing retreat

The RPA welcomes applications from employees at the Department of Anthropology for a 4-days writing retreat (3 nights) spent at Klitgaarden Refugium in 2024 (travel is not included).

Klitgaarden is a former summer residence of the Danish royal family situated just south of Skagen on the northern tip of Jutland. It is now owned and run by a trust and serves as a retreat for artists and scientists.

Applicants are given preference according to principles negotiated at the Staff Meeting of 13 June 2023:

  • End of project/publication phase
  • No external funding
  • Parents of small children
  • PhD students, Postdocs and Assistant Professors over tenured staff

Application deadline: Three summer retreats are awarded on February 15 ­ and three winter retreats on August 15.

Please send your application to rpa@cas.au.dk