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History & Digital Archives

2017.09.18 | Anja Elley

Date Wed 08 Nov Thu 09 Nov
Time 13:00    12:30
Location Lille Sal, DOKK 1, Aarhus C



Wednesday 8 November 2017 13:00-18:30

History & Digital Archives: Production, content and usage 


Sean Takats, George Mason University and Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media “From Ephemera to Archive: The New Digital Practices of Historical Research” 

Julia Noordegraff, University of Amsterdam "Doing Historiography in the Digital Age: The Case of Cinema History"

Bob Nicholson, Edge Hill University “In Search of America: Exploring Transatlantic Relations Using Digital Archives”

Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, University of Copenhagen "Uncertain Archives as concept and methodology"

Ulrich Tiedau, University College London “Text- and Sentiment-Mining for Cultural Historical Inquiry”

Thursday 9 November 2017 9:00-12:30

History & Digital Archives: Potentials and collaboration

Søren Bitsch Christensen, City Archivist, Director of Aarhus City Archives “Constructing a Digital and a Digitized Archive – from the point of view of the Archive”

Katrine Gasser & Ditte Laursen, The Royal Danish Library Title TBA

Niklas Jensen, National Archives, Denmark “Digitizing the Danish West Indies: Goals and challenges of the Danish National Archives’ project to put its West Indian records online”

Jane Winters, School of Advanced Study, University of London “Born digital data and approaches for history: bringing together libraries, archives and researchers”


Registration: Please register before October 27 using this link (first-come, first-serve, max. 50 people). Location: Lille Sal, DOKK1, Aarhus   

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