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Workshop: Nudging in Public Health - and Beyond

Thursday 29th - Friday 30th of November

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Thursday 29 November 2018,  at 10:00 - 16:30


Eduard Biermann Auditorium (1252-204)s, Aarhus University

Public policy makers and health professionals (among others) use nudging as a tool to steer the choices and behavior of the public, also when it comes to choosing healthy lifestyles. Self-styled choice architects target cognitive and behavioural biases to motivate behavioral change, typically in ways so that those affected are not aware of being nudged. For this and other reasons, it has been argued that nudges are problematic and should not be implemented. A common critique of nudging is that it exploits people’s psychological mechanisms, thereby manipulating them. In this line of thinking, governments that nudge are disrespectful of their citizens.

In this workshop, we aim to provide a nuanced view of nudging with contributions from both promoters of nudges and critics of nudging strategies.

Invited speakers:

29th November

10:00-11:00: Peter John, Professor, Public Policy (KCL)

11:00-12:00: Adam J. Oliver, Assoc. Prof., Social Policy (LSE)

13:00-14:00: Rebecca Ruehle, PhD, Ethics (WCGE)

14:00-15:00: Bart Engelen, Ass. Prof., Philosophy (Tilburg University)

15:30-16:30: Jennifer Blumenthal Barby, Assoc. Prof., Medical Ethics (Baylor College of Medicine) (video conference)

30th November

9:00-10:00: Vilius Dranseika, Lecturer, Philosophy (Vilnius University)

10:00-11:00: Ezio Di Nucci, Assoc. Professor, Public Health (CPH)

11:15-12:00: Jacob Busch, Antoinette Fage-Butler, Loni Ledderer, Marianne Kjær, Emilie Kirstine Madsen (AU)

This conference has been funded by CAS and AUFF, and is organised by Antoinette Fage-Butler