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Past Events

Thu 29 Apr
13:00-14:45 | Online via Zoom, Registration is required
Free trade and deforestation: addressing the environmental impacts of the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement
Online via Zoom
Thu 29 Apr
11:00-13:00 | Zoom
The historical roots of the wage gap between men and women in the public sector
Gendering in Research Network: talk by historian Astrid Elkjær Sørensen and economist Stinne Skriver Jørgensen
Wed 21 Apr
15:00-18:00 | Aarhus University - Nobelparken - Zoom - Link will follow later
Seminar on 18th century history - Zoom - Link will follow later
• Thomas Max Safley (Professor, University of Pennsylvania) • Johan Heinsen (Associate Professor Aalborg University) • Maria Nørby Pedersen (PhD student, Aarhus University)
Wed 21 Apr
15:00-18:00 | Aarhus University - Denmark - Zoom meeting - You have to sign up - See the program
Work Culture and Poor Relief in Early Modern Europe
Speakers: -Thomas Max Safley, Professor of history, University of Pennsylvania, USA -Johan Heinsen, Associate professor of historu, AAU, Denmark -Maria Nørby Pedersen, Ph.D. student, AU, Denmark -Jeppe Netterstrøm, Associate professor of history, AU, Denmark
Wed 14 Apr
14:15-16:00 | Aarhus
Origen as Exegetical-Pastoral Author in the Lineage of Paul
Miriam DeCock
Wed 07 Apr
15:00-17:00 | Online via Zoom
Women Real and Imagined in Roman-Era North Africa: The View from Leptiminus
Speaker: Lea Stirling, University of Manitoba
Wed 07 Apr
14:00-16:00 | Aarhus University via Zoom
Departmental Seminar: Shannon Mattern
Arboreal Agency: Trees in Urban Ecologies and Computational Systems
Thu 18 Mar
14:30-15:30 | ONLINE
Justin Biddle : ”On Predicting Criminality: Epistemic Risk, Values, and Racial Justice in Machine Learning”
Please contact Anke Büter for Zoom link.
Thu 18 Mar
13:00-14:30 | ON-LINE
Johanna Seibt: Towards a Descriptive Framework for Human-Robot Interactions
Please contact Johanna Seibt for Zoom link.
Wed 17 Mar
13:00-15:00 | Aarhus University via Zoom
Departmental Seminar: Annemarie Mol
Eating in Theory: A taster

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