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Elisa Uusimäki - New Associate Professor at the department of Theology

Elisa has accepted a position as Associate Professor at the School from 1 January 2020.

Elisa Uusimäki is a scholar of Hebrew Bible and ancient Judaism. She has published on wisdom literature and ethical discourses, early biblical interpretation, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Hellenistic Judaism. She currently works on Jewish notions of ideal ways of living and is in the process of incorporating the theme of travel into her research. Elisa comes to Aarhus from the University of Helsinki where she works in the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and serves as the PI of the project "Conceptions of Virtue in Early Judaism". She has also conducted research in Manchester, Yale, HU Jerusalem, and Groningen.


Elisa Uusimäki
Institut for Kultur og Samfund
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 3
bygning 1451, 323
8000 Aarhus C