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Benjamin Christensen - New PhD at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas

Benjamin will be working on the project: Is value a matter of complexity? An investigation into the naturalization of value.

2020.10.05 | Camilla Dimke

Portrait of Benjamin Christensen

My project, Is value a matter of complexity? An investigation into the naturalization of value, explores the prospect of naturalizing value utilizing the conceptual tools of process-ontology and contemporary complexity theory. A consistent theory of value is on one hand currently needed for political deliberations concerning ecological and environmental complications, on the other generally to complete our picture of the world, as value, whatever we may make of it in the final analysis, does permeate our lives in everything from the aesthetics of the architecture around us and the sky above, to the ethics of medical care, AI-interaction or environmental protection. 

 In overview, this investigatory disposition implicates other topics of current concern associated with the overall issue of the relation between value and nature. Notable, for instance, is the case of panpsychism. One relevant, but not yet widely considered, question connected with the contemporary resurgence of interest for this perspective, is what view of natural value may be implied by a panpsychist approach to nature at large. 

Supervisor: Johanna Seibt
Co-supervisor: Thomas Schwarz Wentzer 


Benjamin Christensen
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