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Peaceful co-existence between religions: how can this be achieved?

The experiences gained in both Indonesia and Denmark with regard to tolerance and co-existence between various religious and ethnic groups are to be discussed at a public round-table debate at Aarhus University on Monday 20 March.

2017.03.16 | Ulrik Albert Vosgerau

Indonesia is the fourth-largest country in the world, with a population of 260 million comprising about 300 ethnic groups and 583 languages. It’s the largest Muslim country in the world, but is also home to Christian, Hindu and Buddhist minorities.  

An official delegation from Indonesia and researchers from Aarhus University will be discussing how peaceful co-existence can be achieved in such a complex country, as well as what Denmark has learned in this area.

“Our round-table discussions will include various models for pluralism, tolerance and religious co-existence. Our approach to and experience of this topic vary a great deal, so I’m expecting this to be a fascinating exchange of views,” says Lene Kühle, who is a sociologist of religion at Aarhus University and the moderator of the debate.

The title of the debate is “The Good Society”. It will be held at Aarhus University on Monday 20 March, and has been organised by the Danish Embassy in Jakarta and Aarhus University.

Lene Kühle, professor with special responsibilities, Aarhus University
Email: lk@cas.au.dk
Mobile: (+45) 24276427

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