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Lieve Donnellan - New Assistant professor at the Department of History and Classical Archaeology

Lieve Donnellan will join CAS as Assistant Professor in Classical Archaeology from 27 august.

2018.08.22 | Camilla Dimke

From September 2018 onwards, I will be assistant professor in Classical Archaeology. I was born in Belgium, where I also studied and graduated in Greek Archaeology, with a specialisation in the Greek colonisation of the Black Sea region and Italy, focusing especially on the relations with the native populations. After my PhD degree, I conducted research at the Universities of Chicago, Göttingen and Amsterdam, researching and teaching on urbanisation (Greek, Etruscan, indigenous). I am currently conducting fieldwork in Greece, with the Boeotia Cities Project, where I study the urban architecture of Haliartos (with Emeri Farinetti and Anthony Snodgrass) and do drone photography, in the Valley of the Muses. I have also started a field survey project in Calabria, where I will study the settlement dynamics, territories and connectivity around the Greek colonies of Medma and Metauros, from a broad chronological and landscape perspective.

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