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Priyanka Jha - New podtdoc at the Department of Philosophy and History of Ideas

Priyanka Jha will be Affiliated the research project “An Intellectual History of Global Inequality, 1960-2015” led by Associate Professor Christian Olaf Christiansen

2020.05.27 | Camilla Dimke

Priyanka Jha joined the post-doctoral fellowship in the research project “An Intellectual History of Global Inequality, 1960-2015” (led by Associate Professor Christian Olaf Christiansen) at the department of Philosophy and History of Ideas in March 2020. She will be working on India, engaging with some of the key Indian thinkers and locating their positionalities on Inequality. As part of her fellowship, she will be mapping Indigenous and post-colonial thinking on the same.

In the recent years, Priyanka has been working on gendered Intellectual history, engaging with women thinkers from a post-colonial perspective and their ideas on normative categories and concepts. Her research is based on Intellectual history in India and South Asia. For her doctoral dissertation, she worked on religion and culture as sites of imagination and thinking in postcolonial India and South Asia, followed by her fellowship on Buddhism and tropes of emancipation in South Asia. Most recently, she has been awarded the Dr. P.C. Pavate Cambridge Fellowship (2020, postponed for May 2021 due to Covid 19) at Cambridge University, where she will be working on Gendered Intellectual history. She has been a Junior fellow at the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Social and Cultural studies, University of Erfurt, Germany (2017-18), where she was engaging with Politics of Culture & Religion focusing on Political Buddhism(s). She has also served as PI for a project on Buddhist thinkers in Modern India (2018).

Priyanka comes from a position at Ambedkar University, Delhi, India, where she worked as Assistant Professor (Political Science and Indian Political Thought). Trained as a Political scientist from Lady Shri Ram College (University of Delhi) and Centre for Political Studies (JNU), her interests are largely in the domain of Intellectual history, Political theory and Indian Political Thought.

For more information about her project please visit the website: www.global-inequality.com


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