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From the scanning of the earthly remains of Tycho Brahe to the analysis of Greek grammar, the school's research covers a wide range of fields.

Research News

2015.01.27 | Research, Historie og Klassiske Studier


The Danish National Research Foundation has now identified 12 new centres of excellence from a huge field of highly qualified applicants. The competition was truly fierce – which is why Professor Rubina Raja was absolutely delighted to learn that her application had made the cut.

2015.01.08 | Research, Contemporary Ethnography, Antropologi

Professor George E. Marcus appointed Honorary Doctor

George Marcus is one of the world’s leading anthropologists. He has recently been appointed Honorary Doctor at Aarhus University.

Søren Sindbæk and Nanna Holm at the excavation site (click for larger photo).
Ground plan of the Fyrkat Viking fortress placed on top of the Vallø ringed fortress. The red lines show the outline of the Vallø excavation (click for larger photo). © Danish Castle Centre

2014.09.05 | History and archaeology, Research, Materials, Culture and Heritage, Arkæologi

Sensational Viking fortress discovered near Køge

In collaboration with the diocese of Vallø, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University have discovered a previously unknown Viking fortress in a field west of Køge, Denmark. The discovery could be an important piece in Denmark’s historical jigsaw puzzle.

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