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Rosi Braidotti

September 20, 2018
Aarhus University

Professor at Utrecht University:

Rosi Braidotti



Rosi Braidotti’s lecture explores the multiplication of meanings and understandings of the human in contemporary academic and public discussions. Braidotti will situate these debates within the posthuman turn in the contemporary critical Humanities, which she defines as the convergence between post-humanism and post-anthropocentrism. The former critiques the universalist ideal of Man as the measure of all things, while the latter critiques species hierarchy.
Braidotti’s argument is both critical and affirmative and it addresses posthuman scholarship not as a symptom of crisis, but rather as a vital regeneration of the field. What are the parameters that define posthuman subjects of knowledge? To what an extent do new contemporary developments, such as for instance Environmental and the Digital Humanities introduce new visions of the human?  What is posthuman ethical accountability in scholarship today?

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Host and panel

The event was hosted by Andreas Roepstorff who is head of the Interacting Minds Centre and holds a joint professorship between the Faculty of Arts and The Faculty of Health at Aarhus University 

Panellists were:

Robyn May Schott who is Senior Researcher at DIIS - Danish Institute for International Studies.

Jacob Wamberg who isprofessor in Art History at the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University.