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Andreas Tagmose Grønkjær


PhD Student, PhD-Fellow

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Andreas Tagmose Grønkjær

Areas of expertise

  • History of Ideas
  • Global History of Ideas
  • Begriffsgeschichte
  • Methaphorlogi
  • Travel literatur

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I am a PhD student with a primary interest in Philosophy of History, History of Historiography and Philosophy of Historiography. I am interested in how people form themselves through their narratives and traditions and create futures for themselves using history as a resource. I'm interested in looking at history as a battleground of ideas and interpretations and how the world has been assembled in time and in concept; who is left out and why they were left out. I am interested in "The exculded of History".


My project is called "Voices from the Outskirts of History". Here I examine how early ethnographic accounts of the world outside Europe influenced the Unghegelian philosophy of emancipation. 

I examine how the early history of religion from the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th century provided revolutionary thought with a necessary "view-from-afar" from which to imagine a new Europe in Vormärz. Through this, I will show that within the history of ideas and philosophy, travel literature and early ethnography cannot simply be thrown away as peripheral literature.

Selected publications

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