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Strategy 2021-2025

The School of Culture and Society consists of seven strong academic environments within Anthropology, Archaeology & Heritage Studies, Philosophy & History of Ideas, Global Studies, History & Classical Studies, the Study of Religion and Theology. The School educates bachelors, graduates and PhD scholars, who are characterised by deep core academic standards, solid education, interdisciplinary vision and critical judgement.

The School of Culture and Society is an ambitious research institution. Our research into cultural and social conditions is wide-ranging. It places man and human life in relation to nature, technology and theology – from prehistoric times to the present, and from the local to the global.  

The School of Culture and Society wants to be a driving partner in collaborations which, across sectors and disciplines, contribute to research development and answer significant societal questions. In research and education, we will work to actively put human and cultural science into action in relation to partners outside the university.  

During the strategy period 2020-2025, we will focus in particular on six fundamental objectives:  

  • An international environment with strong academic and interdisciplinary interaction
  • An innovative and experimental approach to research, teaching and communication
  • A School that produces and educates – for the future and for the world today
  • A broad  focus on digital humanities
  • Strong local and global societal commitment
  • An attractive and diverse workplace and a sustainable organisation