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The School of Culture and Society (CAS) was founded at Aarhus University in 2011. The school consists of units from the former Department of Anthropology, Archaeology & Linguistics, the Department of History and Area Studies, the Department of Philosophy and the History of Ideas, the Department of Languages, Literature & Culture, and the Faculty of Theology.

The school's roots date back to 1928, when "University Education in Jutland" opened with 64 students enrolled. The first courses were offered in autumn 1928, and philosophy was among the first subjects taught. History and classical philology were added in subsequent years.

The Faculty of Theology was founded in 1942. At that time there were 70 students of theology at the university. The faculty grew rapidly and could soon offer students a complete Master’s degree in Theology. The first higher doctoral degree in Theology (dr. theol.) was awarded in 1947.

By the time of the university's 25th anniversary in 1953, also classical archaeology and prehistoric archaeology were offered. In subsequent decades, ethnography, medieval archaeology, the history of religions and the history of ideas followed.

The most recent subjects taught in the school include European studies, Eastern European studies and Asian studies.