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Mads Daugbjerg


Associate Professor

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Mads Daugbjerg

Areas of expertise

  • Anthropology
  • Heritage studies
  • Nationalism and national identity
  • Experience economy and tourism
  • Theories of place and landscape

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My primary research concerns issues related to heritage, cultural tourism, and national identity. In a number of projects I have focused on the traces of wars and conflicts, historical as well as ongoing ones. I employ anthropological methods and approaches, though always in dialogue with other disciplines, including the interdisciplinary field of heritage studies. I work primarily in Western contexts and have extensive fieldwork experience from Denmark and the United States.

Teaching activities

My teaching and supervision duties have been spread across five different Aarhus University programs over the years (Anthropology, Human Security, Experience Economy, Sustainable Heritage Management and Museology). I have supervised six PhD students (three as main supervisor) and more than 55 Master’s projects. I served as Head of Department at the Dept. of Anthropology 2018-21 and, prior to that, as PhD program director for Anthropology, Global Studies and the Study of Religion (2015-18).


I strive to contribute to the tackling of social and societal issues whenever I can and enjoy and welcome collaborations with non-university partners. Over the years, these have included Visitdenmark (the Danish tourism board), Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality, and a number of museums and other heritage and tourism actors. In 2013, I was awarded the Danish Tietgen award for my work to bridge academia and business development.

Selected publications

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