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Margrethe Kamille Birkler


PhD Student

Primary affiliation

Margrethe Kamille Birkler

Areas of expertise

  • Symbolic theology
  • Intersectional theology
  • Eco-theology
  • Queer teologi
  • Paul Tillich

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My dissertation studies Paul Tillich's symbolic theology, adding an intersectional lens and exploring its relevance to systematic theology today. The dissertation draws on both published material and archival material from different periods of Tillich's theological career.

In addition to my dissertation, I am also involved in eco-theology and queer theology. My work on eco-theology is primarily focused on delivering public talks and lectures, while my research on queer theology delves into the monasteries in Egypt in late antiquity. However, there is also an overlap between my work on eco-theology and queer theology, which can be found in my proposal for an indecent eco-theology.

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