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Trained as an archaeologist, I have found a congenial home in a variety of inter- and transdisciplinary fields, most especially Heritage Studies, Archaeology, and Environmental Humanities. Based at Aarhus University, I have always thought of myself as a global scholar. I have been a Mandela Fellow at Harvard University, a visiting professor at Brown University, Colgate University, and the University of Basel, and an artist-in-residence at Amsterdam University of the Arts. For much of my career I was based at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. An abiding feature of my work is an interest in questions of social justice—whether in the context of the historical injustices of colonialism and apartheid, or in the context of the climate emergency, and the emergent social and political landscapes of the Anthropocene. Since 2014 I have run regular walking seminars, involving scholars, artists, activists, curators and policy makers.

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