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Tridibesh Dey - New Postdoc at the Department of Global Studies

Tridibesh Dey will join the project "Plastics and Anthropocene: The Bads associated with the Goods we consume"

Tridibesh is a South Asian anthropologist of science and tech (STS) and a plastic theorist. Trained originally in natural sciences and the science of complex systems, his interest in synthetic materials and community-based processes​ dates to when he worked professionally as an engineer in rural India, designing suitable plastic waste management infrastructures. Since moving on to the social sciences, Tridibesh has covered critical aspects of plastics as slippery phenomena that cross-cut domains of violence and care. He recently earned his PhD from the University of Exeter, where he studied technical processes with plastic waste. This included India's ambitious waste-to-energy infrastructure and recycling networks enterprised by the poor and the gender-caste-marginalised. Tridibesh also writes for the public and participates in topical conversation on environmental politics. 

He will be joining the project "Plastics and Anthropocene: The Bads associated with the Goods we consume" headed by Associate Professor Gauri Pathak. 
Beginning April 2022, the 2-year fellowship will focus on various sanitary and techno-political aspects related to the open-burning of plastics waste. It will also build upon Tridibesh's earlier research, in conversation with broader dimensions identified by the 'anthropology of plastics'.

Tridibesh loves a long bike ride in nature. A photographer and moody poet, he won't say no to Bollywood, biryani, and filter coffee."


Tridibesh Dey
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