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Anna Warburg - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

From January 1st 2020, Anna will be working on a PhD project focusing on security governance and policing at the intersection between organized crime and terrorism in Denmark.

2020.01.23 | Camilla Dimke

I hold a BA in Anthropology (2015) and a MA in Human Security (2017) from Aarhus University, where I have a research focus on policing, crime prevention, urban violence and – most recently – military studies. Since my studies, I have worked at the Unit for Crime Prevention Initiatives in Copenhagen municipality and at the Centre for Military Studies at University of Copenhagen.

My PhD project explores security governance and everyday policing practices at the intersection between organized crime and terrorism in Denmark. Ethnographic fieldwork will be conducted among police and military units in Copenhagen, where it will be investigated how those mandated to enforce order experience and navigate contemporary forms of security governance.

The PhD project is part of the DFF-funded research program “Affective Prevention: Partnership Policing and the Transformation of Urban Security Governance in Denmark” under Maya Mynster Christensen at the Royal Danish Defence College and with Mette-Louise Johansen, Aarhus University.

I look very much forward to meeting all of you and getting reacquainted with Moesgård. You can find me at ‘Orange stue’.


Anna Warburg
School of Culture and Society - Department of Anthropology
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