Social Robots With AI: Prospects, Risks, and Responsible Methods

The novel capacities of multimodal generative AI suddenly bring us much closer to realizing the longstanding vision of ubiquitous social robotics—in the near future, robots will likely be part of everyday life, performing many types of services as well or even ‘better’ than humans.  Thus we have entered the decisive phase of the “the robotic moment” in human cultural history and to determine “who we are and who we are willing to become” (Sherry Turkle) is more urgent than ever.

The international research conference RP2024 will discuss the questions that really matter in view of the new technological potential of social robotics.  In over 100 research talks, RP2024 will address concrete and deep issues that reach far beyond safety and privacy concerns into the conceptual and normative fabric of our societies and individual self-comprehension.

As part of the Robophilosophy Conference Series, RP2024 brings together researchers from the Humanities and Social Sciences working in HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) with researchers from robotics, AI research, and cognitive science, to discuss expectable socio-cultural transformations.

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August 20-23, 2024


Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

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Hybrid Conference Format: Parallel track conference with live local (and some remote) presentations; remote participation is possible: all sessions will be live-streamed, but also recorded, and accessible after the conference for all registered participants.