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Moesgaard Collaboration

  • On the coordination and advancement of archaeological and anthropological research, dissemination, impact, collections and education

Foto: Moesgaard Museum

The physical proximity between the university campus and the museum at Moesgaard has fostered a fruitful environment for collaborative initiatives between the two instutions.

We believe that the shared environment and the unique collaboration between the museum and the university holds the potential to position Moesgaard as an international power-house for the research, dissemination and utilisation of cultural heritiage. 

The overarching goal of this website is to highlight the benefits of the collaboration between Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University and to promote its further development.

Research project

DIME - Digitale Metaldetektorfund

DIME is a project that facilitates the digitalisation and sharing of archeological findings by civic enthusiasts in Denmark and the Faroe Islands , primarily metaldetector findings. 

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Application info

Seed money

Seed funding is a key instrument of the Moesgaard collaboration. It allows us to explore new fields, questions, collaborations and research- and dissemination-related interventions. It supports pilot studies, which could be developed into joint publications, full projects and applications. 

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Research project

Materialities of home among mobile groups

What is ‘home’, and how is it materialized, when the sense of home and belonging is not associated with one geographical place? 

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Students' thoughts about campus

"I am always happy when i arrive at Moesgaard. Whether it's winter or summer, it is always so beautiful" 

- Kirstine, Graduate, prehistorical archeology 

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Seed project


The Erritsø seed project seeks to assess the potential of a range of natural scientific analyses for answering central questions surrounding special features at the major aristocratic Viking-Age site of Erritsø

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Research excavation - student involvement

Borre-Favrskov excavation

The Moesgaard Collaboration is part of organising research excavations in Borre-Favrskov municipality. See a video about the student involvement of the excavation activities.