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Aims and missions

Over the past 50 years, the physical proximity between the university campus and the museum at Moesgaard has fostered a fruitful environment for the emergence and development of many collaborative initiatives between the two instutions: project and exhibition collaborations, joint excavations and surveys, student-driven projects, digital specialisation and development, internships, research applications, publications, joint research positions, which have grown into a collaborative infrastructure

We believe that the shared environment and the unique collaboration between the museum and the university holds the potential to position Moesgaard as an international power-house for the research, dissemination and utilisation of cultural heritiage. 

We aim to promote and leverage Moesgaards collaborative qualities and opportunities to:

  • Retain research talent between Ph.d/postdocs and full-time positions
  • Cultivate specialised conpetences within conservation and natural science, digitalisation of cultural heritage and exhibition activities. 
  • Create strong connections between research and society
  • Increase the dissemination and influence of archaeological research through multifacetted mediation
  • Carry out longterm excavation projects that may lead to internationally acknowledged collections, like the stone age sites at Norsminde and the royal burial mounds in Bahrain.