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Archaeological IT

The unit of Archaeological IT is a collaborative facility between Aarhus University and Moesgaard Museum. The unit specializes in digital tools that support archeological research and dissemination, providing data capture, management and analysis services to the heritage sector. Archaeological IT provides services in: 

  • Development of software and databases
  • Digitisation, archiving and conversion of data
  • Prospection and landscape analyses
  • 3D spatial documentation
  • Training in digitial methods in archaeology

The availability of increasingly advanced technology can enable novel discoveries about the past, eading to interesting contributions to the field of archaeology. 

The unit of archealogical IT has, for example, played central role in the research project Bluetooth’s fortresses, machine learning and meteor craters?  that utilised computer vision and machine learning to scan and detect landscape patterns. These digital methods allow investigation of more subtle and previously overseen indications of the existence of viking fortresses in the past.