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Affiliated lecturers and curators

Andres Dobat (Minos)

Head of the Department of Archaeology & Heritage Studies at AU and associate curator at Moesgård Museum


Andres is PI for the DIME project, which is a collaborative citizen science project among many institutions including the joint AU-MoMu department for Archaeological IT. DIME is a digital platform for the recording of metaldetector finds made in Denmark, gathering contributions from a large community of private enthusiast, academics and professionals. Read more about DIME
Together with Moesgaard Museum, Andres is also part of the european research infrastructure ARIADNEplus - which is an independent project, providing an international research infrastructure for archaeology.
He has also been coordinating the annual teaching excavations at Borre Vestergård, run by AU andMOMU as a joint venture. 

Jette Linaa

Curator at Moesgaard Museum and affiliate associate professor at AU.


Jette is the curator of Viking Age and Historical Archaeology. She aims to explore communities and community formations from the Viking age to the present on an interdisciplinary basis. Her primary research focuses on townscapes, urbanity, inequality, mobility, networks and globalisation. Jette is the PI of several research projects involving MoMu and AU aimed at exploring the social and material processes in urban and rural communities in Southern Scandinavia.

Marcello A. Mannino

Associate professor at AU and associate curator at Moesgård Museum


Marcello is Associate Professor in Archaeological Science at AU, where he directs the Moesgaard Archaeo-Science Laboratory. He works projects that focus on the reconstruction of past human diets, subsistence and mobility through isotope analyses. With colleagues from MoMu, as well as from the Aarhus AMS Centre, Marcello has undertaken research aimed at reconstructing diets in southern Scandinavia and Europe from the Mesolithic to the Neolithic, from the Bronze Age to Iron Age, as well as from the Viking Age to early modern times. By training, he is a zooarchaeologist specialized in the study of marine molluscs from archaeological sites and he is developing research on Danish archaeomalacological collections to investigate prehistoric coastal adaptations.

Mette Løvschal

Professer, facilitator of archaeological research collaborations between AU and MoMu 


As an associate professor for AU and MoMu, Mette is commited to exploring and developing longlasting research collaborations, utilising her own research on human-nature relations in deep time, as an interdisciplinary research hub, integrating researchers across varying disciplines at the university and the museum. She is also involved with coordinating several events and initiatives at Moesgaard, such as the joint Bi-annual seminars, newsletters, the seed funding initiative and more. 

Niels Nørkjær Johannsen

Research programme director of Materials, Culture and Heritage (MCH) Research Programme and associate Curator at Moesgaard Museum


Steffen Terp Laursen

Curator & Head of Oriental Department, Moesgaard Museum, (Honorary) Associate Professor – Aarhus University, Department of Archaeology


Steffen directs Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus Universities’ joint archaeological expeditions in the Arabian Golf. Including excavations at the two UNESCO World Heritage sites Qala’at Al-Bahrain and The Royal Mounds of A’ali in Bahrain in collaboration with the National Museum of Bahrain and the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. Further excavations on Failaka island in Kuwait in collaboration with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, Kuwait.

He is organizer for the international conference the 56th Seminar for Arabian Studies, 4-6 Aug. 2023, hosted in collaboration by Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus University and (IASA) The International Association for the Study of Arabia. This event also officially marks the 70th jubilee of Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus Universities expeditions to the Arabian Golf countries.

He is occasionally involved in collaborations on teaching World Archaeology and guest ad hoc lectures.

Peter Moe Astrup

Curator, Maritime Archaeology, Moesgaard Museum


Peter works as an underwater archaeologist at Moesgaard Museum. He is specialized in locating and exploring submerged landscapes and settlements, as well as developing new methodologies and practices for underwater documentation of submerged Stone Age sites. He directs several research projects which aim to improve our understanding of the earliest coastal cultures in southern Scandinavia.

Christian Vium

Associate Professor of Anthropology and associate curator at Moesgaard Museum