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Andres Dobat (Minos)

Head of department, Archaeology, AU



Mette Løvschal

Research collaboration facilitator AU/MoMu

+45 22 88 92 05


Trine Kellberg Nielsen

Head of department,
Archaeology, MoMu



The Collaboration Committee for Moesgaard Museum and the School of Culture and Society

The Collaboration Committee for Moesgård Museum and the School of Culture and Society is engaged with coordinating and developing the collaboration between the two institutions on a strategic and practical level. This applies particularly within the core areas:

  • Research
  • Dissemination
  • Impact
  • Collection enhancement
  • Education

The committee also ensures continuous knowledge sharing of the institutions' ongoing and future activities.

The committee meets four times annually.

The Collaboration Committee consists of the management team at Moesgård Museum and the School of Culture and Society, as well as two employees in shared positions within the archaeological and anthropological/ethnographic field.

With representation from Moesgård Museum's director (chairman) and head of the School of Culture and Society (deputy chair), the collaboration committee can make decisions within the two heads' areas of competence. In practice, the collaboration committee functions primarily as a generator for new ideas that are developed in collaboration between the professionally relevant people at Moesgård Museum and the Department of Culture and Society (typically Department of Anthropology or Department of Archeology and Cultural Heritage Studies)

If you, as an employee at Moesgård Museum or the Institute for Culture and Society, want a matter or question discussed in the Collaboration Committee, you must contact your department manager.