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Moesgaard Campus is a part of Aarhus University. It is housed in the scenic 1700’s manor located between forest and fields, with a short distance to the beach, about eight kilometers from downtown Aarhus. Previously, Moesgaard Museum was located within the walls of the old stables. With the opening of the new building a few hundred meters uphill, the museum moved next door in 2014. The close proximity and relationship between the museum and university allows for the Moesgaard Exhibition Lab, where students of Anthropology make a yearly exhibition of their own. Within the manor today, you will find the studies of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Anthropology, Human Security, and Sustainable Heritage Management, alongside the shared office spaces of researchers and the administration. The layout of the campus creates a sociable setting where students, researchers, and others often meet. A set of large laboratories allows for zooarchaeology, archaeobotanical, pollen- and isotope-analysis as well as conservation. Furthermore, the campus houses large auditoriums and classrooms, its own cantina, library, reading spaces, and a personalized bar for the students, making the campus more or less self-sufficient from the main campus in downtown Aarhus.