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In September 2014, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University announced the discovery of a Viking fortress on a field belonging to Vallø Manor, located west of Køge on the east coast of Sealand. This was the first discovery of its kind in Denmark in over  60 years. Since then, archaeologists have been waiting impatiently for the results of the dating of the fortress, which has been dubbed Borgring. Now, the first results have been published. Read more about Borgring and download press photos.


The Danish Castle Centre
Nanna Holm, curator and archaeologist
+45 3119 0648, nh@museerne.dk

Aarhus University
Søren Sindbæk, professor and archaeologist
+ 45 2280 6539, farksms@cas.au.dk


3D reconstruction of the Viking fortress Borgring, Denmark. The reconstruction is produced by Archaeological IT for the Borgring project. The reconstruction is based on excavations and surveys conducted by Aarhus University and The Museum of South East Denmark in 2014. Some parts of the reconstruction are hypothetical, for example the fortress houses, which has not yet been positively identified.

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